Friday, October 2, 2009

Friday, July 3, 2009

Mollie Jean made it

Mollie flew in today. It was so amazing to see her, I felt a little bad because I just got off of a 12 hour shift so I was so tired and poopy but when she got off she felt the same from the flight so we were just poopy together. After we got home and took a good nap it was better. She is still feeling the jet lag which hopefully clears up soon. We have some busy weekends planned. Pictures are yet to come.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Lake Powell and Washington

Posting out of order

Well it's been so long since I have posted that I am getting all mixed up. I have pictures from our honeymoon so I guess I can blog that now.... plus the ridiculous story to go along with it :) So it started out the first night we left the reception we went to Hines Mansion in Provo. It was so fun and so nice. It had a big four poster bed and a huge jacuzzi tub in the room. I had the whole room covered in rose pedals, that was one of the things I knew she wanted. When we woke up in the morning we took off pretty early. They had breakfast for us there but we were in a hurry so we passed on it. It look delish though. We drove up to her dads house to pick up his truck and boat then headed off on our next adventure to Lake Powell. The thought of sleeping on the sand on our honeymoon there didnt sound like the funnest thing so I got us a sweet at a Days Inn in Page. We got there late afternoon and just took it easy that night, the next day we hit Wal Mart for all the nick nacks for the lake and hit the lake. The first day went good, the water was so low that they had dug a little passage out to the channel so we didnt even find that all day. We stayed right there in the somewhat close area at Wahweep. We found a little cove and swam and fished all day. It was so nice because it was just quite and calm back there. We didnt have the shade for the boat so we headed back in about three because we were dying from the sun. We went out to dinner that night a really good little pizza and pasta place right there in Page. The next day is when all heck broke loose on us. It started out normal, Wal Mart, Mcdonals breakfast, then to the lake. We found the channel eventually and got out in there and just went for a cruise down it. We got down there and found a really good cliff to hang out by because of the shade. We sat there for a little bit and ate lunch then took off to go exploring a little more. Well mid cruising down the channel the boat gave to good sput sputs and she was done. We thought whatever we will just sit and wait till she's ready to go again but it never happend. The wind picked up pretty quick and blew us towards the rocks. When we got close enough I jumped out and held the boat from hitting as much as I could. Since the wind picked up there were NO boats anywhere. Mollie ended up getting reception with her phone and got a hold of the ranger. They said they would come get us but it was 250 an hour and the time started from when they left till when they got back. We were an hour out so we knew it was going to be very expensive but we were desperate by that point. About 10 min later we flagged a little boat down and what the heck it happend to be a German couple there visiting. They offered to pull is in so we hurried and called the rangers back and told them we were ok. As they started to take off the wind took our boat right into the rock so there is damage #1 to Kevins boat. It took a big chunk and then a long guage out of the fiber glass. It took about an hour and a half to pull us in and it took up all of our rescures time on there rental. They told us they wouldnt except it but I gave them enough for another two hours on there rental for saving us. It was the least we could do. After all that we got it back to the hotel, got some dinner and took it easy all night. The next morning we went out to pack the truck up and head home. I noticed the cover was off the back so I climbed in to see what the heck. I couldnt tell that anything was missing so I snapped the cover back up. I got back to the room and told Mollie and she reminded me about Brooks (brother-in-law) wakeboard. Of course I went back out and yep gone. Add another $300 for that one. So I told the front desk we got broken into, they called the police, we filled a report and we were gone.... Like they cared about it anyways. Well we get home just fine and take the truck and boat to wash it. We wash the truck then I tell Mollie to jump in and pull it forward so I can spot her. Well I check the top out to make sure it will clear and I was sure it would so I was watching the sides because they were really close going in. Well what do you know the lights on the tower hit the top and snapped them both off, what else could go wrong. We got it taken back so sad about what we did to the boat. Kevin was so nice and so understanding. He is a saint because I would have been so ticked, but he just said how glad he was we were ok. Anyways that was the end of one of our funnest most perfect disasters. We are thinking of changing our last name to the Grizwalds after that one. The next week we flew up to Spokane so that Mollie could get back to scool, she did school all week then her and I went up to her Grandparents new cabin that just got finished for the weekend. It was the most amazing place. The cabin was perfect and it sat right on the water so we fished and played in the paddle boat. All around it was a stinkin fun trip. The reception blog post is yet to come but dont worry, it will

Pictures to come

Alright, alright alright. Pictures are on there way, Mollie just got the disk from the photographer. He took kind of a long time getting it to us so thats kind of frustrating. She is coming to Germany in about a week and bringing the disk with, so that means we will have a lot of our wedding pictures up shortly after she gets here. We had a big agenda lined up for her month long stay. The first weekend is the fourth so were going to hang around the base and do the local thing. The base puts on a big shin dig for it (concerts, carnivals, and fireworks). My ward is doing a big breakfast and that is a definate possibilty and there is a German fest in one of the neighboring villages that we will probably check out. The following weekend I am taking her to Garmisch which is were the Disney castle is. The military has a resort there so that's were we stay. It is set up really nice with resteraunts and a spa and things like that so were going to just go and relax for a couple of days. It is right at the base of the alps so the scenery is amazing. While driving there it looks like your driving right into a post card or painting. The next weekend we are planning on driving to Venice and staying for a couple of days and then stopping in Austria for a day on the way back. We are going to try and make it down to see Murlene for a little bit in Spain to but depending on if they are settled and all that yet. Definatley dont want to be intruding :) So all around it should be a pretty good time. I have to work the whole time she is here so I dont burn all my leave up for christmas so our adventures and going to be after work and weekends.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Sorry people, sorry

Well, it has been a while since we have posted and with all the recent events we have work ahead of us. I will be working on it as I get pictures from everything. Mollie and I want to say thank you to everybody who made our reception happen and to all those who came. It was a the most special day for the both of us. Well until the next posts which will be the crazy stories of all that happened this past month, take care. P.S Thank you again everybody

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Well I just got home from my promotion ceremony, I put on senior airman on the May 25 so that is kind of exciting. I have been in the Air force for two and a half years and finally, I get to rank up and feel like I'm not the new guy anymore.

Sunday, April 26, 2009


Well a friend from work and I drove up to Amsterdam for a day, we left right after work at 9:00 A.M. It was about a 4 hour drive so when we got there we ended up sleeping all the way through the night. We got up pretty early the next day and hit the town. We called a taxi from our hotel that took us down to a little bakery were we got breakfast. We ate and just kind of walked around for a couple of hours taking in all the sites. When the canal boat tour opened up at nine we road that through the city, it was pretty cool to hear the facts and little stories about the city. When we got off we headed into the Heiniken factory and took a tour of the brewery. I didnt know how much of a science making beer was but hey I guess you learn something new everyday. After that we walked up to the Hard Rock Amsterdam and ate lunch then headed to the wooden shoe store. I bought Mollie a pair that hopefully fit her ;) After that we were pretty tired of walking so we called a taxi and headed back to the car. We headed out to go find the Tulip gardens but realized how tired we were so we just ended up driving back to Ramstein. It was a fun trip and a really cool city to visit.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Mollie found me

Well Mollie just got home to Spokane today after 10 fun filled days with me. I picked her up last Friday from Frankfurt. We laid around through the weekend then got her stuff on base done like dentist apt. and registered as my spouse. Tues I had both finals at 0830 ( which I got a C out of philosophy of religion, SUCKED, and am waiting on the other :)then we were supposed to head to Paris right after that. Well as I'm driving home Mollie calls me and says she thinks she has to go to the doctor. Well with the military it's either an apt. or the hospital so we went to the hospital. Mollie already knew what was wrong we just needed to get some medicine from the doc. After five hours of processes we were out and back home, bags packed and on the road. We rented a fun little Diesel BMW to take because my little jelly bean (my car) will not make it that far. We got on the road and the drive was just amazing. Running along the river and hills, passing through little towns with all the big old churches everywhere. We drove to Disneyland first and wandered around for a little while to find our hotel. Apparently it was so new the GPS could only tell us were is "should" be not were it was. We were about a block off but ended up finding it after some good time. Mollie found out first hand that 110v plugs don't so much work in 220v outlets :) We thought it would work because it had a little converter box on her blow drier. She plugged it in and boom there goes all the power in the room. She said it gave her a nice little ZAP but thank goodness that's all. The front desk just laughed and was more than happy to come kick our breaker back on. The next morning we woke up early, checked out and rode the shuttle over to the Disneyland Paris. We walked around downtown disney for a little while waiting for the park to open. Once it did we frolicked in like giddy school children..... well one of us did :)We ran through every land so fast, we did not wait more than five minuets on any of the rides. We had the whole park knocked out in about three hours. We sat down, ate lunch and went over to Disney Studios. It is like a 1/8 sized California Adventure, the only thing we did there is Tower of Terror. After we were so tired we couldnt walk anymore we caught a taxi back to our car and headed into Paris. I would just like to say, unless you have been there you cannot even imagine what traffic is like there. I can honestly say I never want to drive there again. Once we got to our hotel and got checked in we went and parked the car in underground parking three blocks away, and believe me that car did not move until we left to come home. Our hotel was fun in a not so fun way. I booked that one because it was cheap and it was close to everything.... bad idea. From the outside it was fun, nice little place tucked in off the street with flowers in all the window seals and little tables out front, the lobby was even nice. Boy once you headed up those stairs, 1970's horror film ran through your mind. I think the hallways were shoulder width wide and it just led into darkness, even when it was daytime. It was very creepy and had this key that had like a scull and cross bones on it or something, ok not really but sort of. Our room was about 10 foot by 10 foot and the bathroom maybe 8x4. The guy at the desk asked if we wanted to upgrade to the bigger bed so we did, when we got to the room we saw the upgrade was two double's pushed together with a huge hump in the middle, Mollie and I both could swear they were box springs. It was fun because it was right off the street so we could open our big windows and look right out to the street. That night we walked down and got some dinner then headed back and went to bed. The next morning we got breakfast and then walked to the Eiffel Tower, it was only three or four blocks away. We didn't go up in it because the lines were outrageous so we enjoyed from the ground. When done we saw the red tour buses stopping every now and then so we caught one, it was 25 euros for two days of riding. It was a double decker tour bus with an open top, it took us to all the fun places around Paris, we went to the Luve and took pictures with the Mona Lisa and then went to the Arc de Triumph, then to the Opera house, the church of Notre Dame, we walked down to the shops there and looked around for a little while. Mollie got some really fun scarves that she was pretty excited about, she told me that we couldn't do Paris without getting crepes so we bought two from a man making them on the street... not ON the street but you know ;)We sat down on the side walk there and ate and then jumped back on the bus. We just rode and saw the other sights from the bus. It stopped at everyone so you could get pictures. After we reached the Eiffel Tower again we raced back to the hotel and hit the little boys, and little girls room, Paris is one place you don't want to use the restrooms. Once we got back and got relaxed for a minuet we started talking about how we were both dreading sleeping on the box springs again, so we packed up and headed back home that night. It was so much fun to be there but we were ready to sleep in a comfortable bed after Disneyland and the city both days. The next day we woke up and went to the city by were I live and went and walked through all the little shops. The rest of the weekend we just lounged around and enjoyed being together.

Our trip to Paris

Sunday, February 1, 2009

fun times and quick fixes

Well I had my first real adventure slash disaster with work. I did my first real run since I have been here. The USO does a tour here once a week for new people, well I was told I had to drive for it. It was ok because of course the tour guide told me everywhere to go. We drove around the base a little bit looking at the hot spots here then headed out the gate to go to K town witch is the biggest city closest to the base. It wasnt a bad gig because I got to go change out of uniform to go. My friend Mark that got here a week before me got to come to learn how it goes and all that good stuff. Well we get down to K town and we were going to follow the group on the tour so we could learn to. We park the bus right down town and let the group off. Once they all left I got off the bus and tried the lock on the door while it was still open to make sure it worked, it did. So I shut the door and locked it with the key. I tried it again just to make sure it still worked and sure enough it wouldnt unlock. I panicked so I just told the tour guide to go ahead without us. Me and Mark sat there and beat and pulled and pushed on that stupid door for fourty five minuets. Finally I called the shop and told our dispatcher. He told me he would send somebody down asap. Well after I got off the phone Mark and I started wondering if we could get the emergency exits open on the roof. Well good thing he is a small guy because a bus is pretty tall when you are lifting somebody up there. We did the whole foot in the hand climp up the shoulders and push his feet up the rest of the way. Well luckily the exits on top open from the outside so he got in and opened the emergency window in the back for me to crawl in. We got in and took the door lock apart from the inside and got it open. Luckily he had a little pocket knife with a fillips screw driver on it. Anyways we got that all done and the door open and hurried and called the shop back to have them call the maintenance guy back. Right as we got done with everything the group got back and the tour guide said "I thought you guys were coming with us." I just laughed and told her we were busy. So in the end when we got back to the shop we just got a good laugh with everybody because that would have been a nightmare if we had to send another bus down. After all that it was fun because we got to check out the shopping district and the fresh bakeries then we went to a really good restaurant for lunch, bonus the bus driver eats for free. Of course I one of the most expensive meals I could :)